Best Cheap Machete – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Are you in the look for the best cheap machete which has a good quality material and is durable? Yes? But you might be thinking that machetes are usually available at high prices.

But not all.

Best Cheap Machete ( Top Reviews )

Below we have reviewed the best cheap machetes which are made with the best quality material and will help you in almost all of your work. Before making a decision, you must keep in mind some important features.

  Buying Guide Lines


1. The best cheap machetes are the one which has a strong, sturdy, durable and rust-resistant blade which would make it easier for you to do cut branches trees etc.

2. It should have a comfortable to hold handle which is made of good quality so that you should get a strong grip.

3. Moreover, it is preferable to have a sheath included with the machete so that you could carry it safely


So lets get started!

Here is the List of Our Selected and Reviewed Cheap Machetes

Product Name
Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete
Machete with Polypropylene Handle
Snake Eye Tactical Machete
Heavy Blade Machete
Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper
Machete with Shoulder Strap on The Sheath
Ontario 8683 SP8 Machete
Machete with 1055 Carbon Steel Blade
K EXCLUSIVE War Hunter Sawback Machete
K EXCLUSIVE War Hunter Sawback Machete
Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 Machete
Razor-Sharp Machete
Estwing Machete
Sturdy and Durable Machete
Corona MA 60041 Machete
Tramontina Machete Wood
Combination of high crafted material
Gerber Gator Bolo Machete [31-002076]
Traditional jungle tool
Parang Machete 5/8″ Tactical Survival Blade
Full Tang + Sheath + free eBook by ProTactical’US

 Our Top Picks

Snake Eye Tactical Full Tang Machete

Snake Eye Tactical Full Tang Cheap Machete

  • Sharp out of the box.
  • Perfect for heavy cutting
  • Strong Handle

K EXCLUSIVE Sawback Machete

K EXCLUSIVE War Hunter Sawback Cheap Machete

  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Black pakkawood handle
  • Black nylon sheath


1. Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete

(Machete with Polypropylene Handle)

Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete

People are always in look for the best cheap machete, which is made of good quality material. This Cold Steel 97GMSZ Gladius Machete is a classic guard machete which is made with strong and durable material.

 Polypropylene Handle 

The handle of this cheap machete is made with a polypropylene handle, which is the most impressive feature of this machete. The handle offers a standard guard from the inspiration of the classical design. Moreover, the end of the handle is of a ball shape.


This machete for sale has a long blade which makes it easier to chop trees etc. Moreover, the blade has a narrow and sharp at the end, which makes cutting easier. The blade has a full tang for strength and is ideal for using in a battlefield. Furthermore, the blade has a black anti-rust matte coat which gives it a good look. The blade of this gladius machete is made from 1055 carbon steel.

 Cor-Ex Sheath 

The core ex sheath of the machete will allow you to carry it safely anywhere you want without getting yourself hurt. The sheath also has a belt loop which also makes it easy for you to carry this best low-cost machete.


  • The steel of the blade: 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Length of blade: 18 inches
  • The thickness of the blade: 2.8 mm
  • The total length of the machete: 25.8 inches
  • The material of handle: Polypropolene
  •  Product weight: 27.2 oz.
  • Blade Thick: 2.8MM
  • It is the cheapest machete which you can buy on a low budget.
  • This is the best cheap machete which is sturdy and is easy to handle
  • Is extremely sharp out of the box
  • The blade of this machete for sale is made with 1055 carbon steel.
  • The sheath is practical, and the belt loop is an ideal feature.
  • The anti-rust paint is a little messy.

2. Snake Eye Tactical Full Tang Machete

(Heavy Blade Machete)

Snake Eye Tactical Full Tang Two Tone Handle Fixed Blade Machete

Each machete has different features. While this best budget machete is the rarest out of all since it is made with good quality material and is also available at an extremely. This is the best affordable machete you can buy.

 Heavy Blade 

Most of the best cheap machetes which are for sale and are available at affordable prices usually are very light in weight and has a very thin layer of steel. Whereas, this cheap machete is heavier than the other ones and has a strong balance at the end

 Where to use? 

This machete is ideal for cutting wood. Moreover, it is also suitable to hack away branches and to slash weeds. This machete is the best machete to do chopping etc. as it has a sharp blade and is easy to handle

 Handle & Sheath 

The handle of this blade is made of a pretty good material which makes you confident while holding the machete. Moreover, there is a sheath which has a nylon material and is quiet flexible to put on the machete.


  • Product Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 24.2×4.5×2 inches
  • Blade Length: 14 inches
  • This machete for sale is worth every penny.
  • It is sharp out of the box.
  • Perfect for heavy cutting such as trees, bushes, branches etc.
  • The handle is made with a strong material so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand.
  • Handle gets slightly loose after extensive use.

3. Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper

(Machete with Shoulder Strap on The Sheath)

Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper

Do you want a machete which will make your cutting work easy and is also affordable? Then this is the best cheap machete which can do almost all the work without getting loose.

 What can you cut with this machete? 

This machete is suitable for cutting thorny vine and for sapling large fan palmettos. Moreover, it is useable for cutting heavy and large-sized trees. This is the best cheap machete to do heavy trail cleaning. You can do much with this machete from cutting weeds to blackberry type of bushes.


The sheath of this machete is made with a ballistic type of heavy nylon which has a plastic liner inside it. The heavy plastic inside of the sheath prevents the machete from cutting or poking through the sheath. The machete slides out of the sheath easily. Furthermore, there are also straps and buttons which you can wrap around the machete. The buttons on the sheath are of high quality and secure the machete in the sheath tightly.

 Shoulder Strap: 

Moreover, there is a shoulder strap on the sheath, which will make it easier for you to carry it around in the woods or anywhere you want. It is about one meter wide and has a rivet on top of the sheath. Furthermore, you can also change the length of the strap accordingly.

 Black Coated Blade & Handle: 

This machete has a black coated blade which is extremely sharp. The steel is of good quality which makes it easier to sharpen. Furthermore, the handle of this machete is also well-made, which makes it easier to do heavy trailing work and makes you feel confident while holding the machete. The handle of the machete also makes it easier to swing it.


  • Product Dimensions: 36×5.6×1.2 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.9 pounds
  •  Blade length: 21.5 inches
  • Overall Length: 31 inches
  • Chops easily through thin and thick branches etc. and is ideal for trail cleaning.
  • The length of the blade is perfect and makes it easy for cutting.
  • Has an affordable price
  • High quality steel blade
  • It is quite heavy

4. Ontario 8683 SP8 Machete

(Machete with 1055 Carbon Steel Blade)

Ontario Knife Company 8683 SP8 Machete

In a look for an affordable and stylish machete which would help you cut most of the stuff easily. Then the Ontario 8683 SP8 Machete is the best cheap machete for you.


The handle of this machete is 5-1/16 inches. It is made with a Black Kraton which provides a good grip and lined with a brass lanyard hole. The handle is secure, and the knife is fixed in the handle tightly, so the knife doesn’t gets lose while using it.

 Blade Style: 

The blade of this machete is made with 1095 carbon steel which is furthermore coated with a black powder which resists it from rust etc. The blade of this best cheap machete is 10 inches long and has a rectangle shape with a sawback. The tip of the blade is sharp out of the box. This blade is thick and wide, which makes it easier to cut without applying much effort. It can cut through hardwood without bending or breaking.

 Black Sheath: 

The sheath has a black leather material. There are also buttons which have to you have to open from the side. These buttons make the machete more secure inside the sheath. Moreover, the sheath has a pretty good quality which will not rip off easily.


  • Total Length Of The Machete: 15.1 inches
  • Length Of The Blade: 10 inches
  • Material Of The Blade: 1095 Carbon Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 15x4x3 inches
  • Product Weight: 3 pounds
  • 1095 carbon steel blade
  • The black powder coating helps to resist the blade from rust.
  • Has a black leather sheath which has buttons on it to make it more secure in the sheath
  • The handle is secure and safe to hold.
  • It is slightly heavy.

5. K EXCLUSIVE War Hunter Sawback Machete

(Stainless Steel Blade Machete)

K EXCLUSIVE War Hunter Sawback Machete

The K EXCLUSIVE War Hunter Sawback Machete will help you cut and chop in the thick vegetation and is able to tackle any job with ease.

 Makes it easy to chop 

This best inexpensive machete will help you cut or chop any of the stuff you need without having to apply much power. You can use this machete to cut or chop trees or cut through thick vegetation. Moreover, it can also help you do bush clearing with ease.

 Stainless Steel Blade: 

The machete has a stainless carbon steel blade which is an ideal feature of a machete. The blade is razor-sharp, which eases your work and cuts through almost everything.

 Pakkawood Handle 

This war hunter sawback machete has a pakkawood black handle which also enhances the look of this machete. The extended handle makes it easy to hold, which makes your cutting job easy. And it also prevents the machete from slipping out of your hands.

 Nylon Sheath 

There is an included black nylon sheath in which you can secure your machete while travelling anywhere you want. The sheath not only protects you from cuts while you’re not using the machete but also makes it safe to transport.


  • Product Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28x4x1 inches
  • Blade length: 17 inches
  • Stainless Carbon Steel Blade
  • It can tackle any job with ease
  • Has a corrosion-resistant black finish to the blade
  • Has a black pakkawood handle
  • Also includes a black nylon sheath.
  • The handle is a little loose

6. Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 Machete

(Razor-Sharp Machete)

Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 TT522 Machete

In a look for a good quality machete which has a sturdy blade and handle? Then the Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 TT522 Machete is the best cheap machete for you.

 The Blade: 

The blade of this machete is unlike others as it doesn’t bend or twist when used. The blade has a shellac coating which prevents the blade from rust. It is made of carbon steel. Moreover, the blade is not razor-sharp to make it safe to transport. But, you can sharpen it once before using it.

 The Handle: 

This machete does not have a plastic handle so, many people complain that it scratches their hands. And you can resolve this issue by wearing gloves while using this machete. Moreover, the handle is sturdy and give a good on the machete


  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches ; 7 ounces
  • Product Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Overall Length: 28 inches
  • Blade Length: 22 inches
  • The blade has a good quality steel which does not bend when usedc.
  • Sturdy and safe to hold handle
  • Rust resistant blade
  • The handle is not of plastic so, it slightly hurts the hand.

7. Estwing Machete

(Sturdy and Durable Machete)

Estwing Machete

Are you looking for the best affordable machete? Then the Estwing Machete is the one you need.

 High-carbon Steel Blade: 

This blade of this machete has a construction with 1055 high carbon steel which sturdy and durable. There are fewer chances of damage as the blade is strong, which is a plus point. The blade is hand sharpened and is the best out of all according to quality. Moreover, the blade has a powder coating which not only makes it rust-resistant but also gives it a good and unique look.

 Black Handle: 

The handle of this machete has an encapsulated design. There is a balance in the handle and is comfortable to use and prevents you from having injuries and cuts on your hand. The handle gives you a good grip on the machete and makes your work easier by giving you a comfortable and confident hold on the machete.


The sheath provided with this machete is has a tough plastic material which then has a nylon lining. The machete gets held in the sheath firmly with the single button strap. Moreover, a belt loop is also there on the sheath, which helps you to hang it on your pant while travelling.


  • Product Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.2×2.4×1.5 inches
  • Length of Blade: 12 inches
  • Blade material: 1055 high carbon steel
  • Easy and comfortable grip
  • Sturdy and strong blade with an aesthetic look
  • Has a nylon sheath with a belt loop
  • N/A

8. Corona MA 60041 Machete

Corona MA 60041 Machete, 18-Inch

The corona MA 60041 machete, is a stunning, powerful machete to chop everything in its way. The 18 inches tempered steel blade possess great durability to reduce the human power to cut anything. Lets take a wide look on its features;

 Polished surface 

The smooth polished blade gives this cheap-budget machete an elegant look. You will not only enjoy doing your work with this awesome machete but also love carrying it around or showing off in front of you friends. In other words, just a great tool to keep in handy.

 Sharpened Steel 

The perfectly sharpened machete will provide you with ease in many ways. Firstly, you won’t need to sharpen it as you take it out of the box.

That’s a significant relief for anyone.

Secondly, even if you use it over and over, it won’t get blunt. That’s a quality many other machetes don’t have. The carbon steel is strong and firm enough to keep it long-lasting. 

 Full tang 

Like many other machetes, it has got a full tang to increase the overall strength of the machete. 

Amazing, right?

Moreover it gives you the capability to chop down large trunk or even use it for heavy duty.


  • Overall length: 23.5 inches
  • Blade length: 18 inches
  • Blade: Carbon steel
  • Handle: co-moulded
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Great weight distribution
  • It has a nice flex
  • Good for vegetation
  • Has a lanyard hole
  • Great for cutting down small trees
  • Packaged safely
  • It is absolutely bullet proof
  • Has a little bit hard steel

9. Tramontina Machete Wood

Tramontina Machete Wood


The extreme high-quality tramontina machete wood has a combination of high crafted material. You can never doubt its durability and performance.

The wood handle adds a further classic look to this machete. Its exceptional design makes it even more incredible to work with, with a little curve on the top you can easily cut anything. 

We’ll highlight some more of its features;

 High Quality 

This might be a cheap machete for its price, but the quality isn’t compromised at all. It is made from highly crafted material, which you can rely on. It is best for chopping woods, cutting stems, plants or crops.

 Carbon Steel 

The carbon steel, is the main item which makes this machete durable and powerful. Moreover, it also gives the blade a finished look.


  • Made In: Brazil
  • Steel: 1070 carbon steel
  • Overall length: 24 inches
  • The thickness of blade: 1.25 mm
  • Blade: Full Tang
  • Well edged
  • High-quality steel
  • Has a fine look
  • Great to handle and has a nice grip
  • Longer than a regular machete

10. Gerber Gator Bolo Machete [31-002076]

Gerber Gator Bolo Machete [31-002076]

The Gerber Bator Bolo Machete is a traditional jungle tool developes by the Philippines with a classic design to clear vegetation, chop and cut wood. Moreover, the ergonomic handle shape, and heavy full tang construction adds life to this machete. 

 Lanyard Hole 

The greatest thing about the lanyard hole is that you can hang it anywhere. You won’t lose your knife like that. Furthermore, it won’t get damaged by wandering on the floor. 

 Good grip 

The handle material gives a good grip, so it’s less likely for it to slip out of your hands. This adds up more security and reliability on this machete. You can now totally rely on the Gerber gator bolo machete.

 Nylon Sheath 

The nylon sheath protects it from wearing out. It increases its life and makes it easier for you to carry. The nylon sheath would look great on your machete and protect it from all kind of humidity and dust. 


  • Overall Length: 22.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 25.6 oz 
  • Steel Type: 1050 Steel
  • Handle Material: Gator grip
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Amazing grip
  • Secure
  • Nylon sheath
  • Full-tang construction
  •  Well balanced
  • The edge metal is thin

11. Parang Buckshot Tactical Survival Blade

Parang Machete 21 58 Buckshot Black Tactical Survival Blade Full Tang + Sheath + free eBook by ProTactical'US

The Parang Machete 21 5/8″ Buckshot Black Tactical Survival Blade is under $100 perfect for chopping and slicing. Not only it looks stunning, but also its blade is made of superb quality. Come out sharp right out of the box. Let’s go in-depth about its features.

 Easy To Carry 

Once you hold this machete, you’ll realize how comfortable it is to carry it from one place to another. The perfectly balanced weight is the primary key here. The machete won’t lean on one side so can make your perfect move. 

 Stylish Appearance 

The machete has a sleek finished look, from the handle till the top of the blade. Youll enjoy working with more. You won’t find a more cheap machete with great looks anywhere else. 


  • Steel: Stainless steel
  • Overall Length: 21.62 inches
  • Blade Length: 15.4 inches
  • Sheath: Nylon sheath
  • High-quality blade
  • Convenient to use
  • Stainless steel
  • Moreover, it has a stylish look
  • Great construction
  • A little big in size


12.Condor Tool & Knife Parang Machete 

Condor Tool & Knife, Parang Machete, 17-12in Blade, Hardwood Handle with Sheath

The condor tool parang machete is a phenomenal machete at an amazing price. It looks thin but works as great as any other machete. The curve help to give a good flow while trimming bushes and is excellent for any hunter. Lets know some about this machete:

 Epoxy Black Powder Coating 

The epoxy black powder coating ensures the life of this machete. As well, prevent it from rusting or getting destroyed. It also gives a great a finish and increases it cutting ability. 

 Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel makes the blade stronger and more durable. So, you can cut more and more thick branches.

 Long Blade 

Long blade helps in many ways. Firstly, it makes it very easy to cut big materials. Secondly, the more long blade, the less power you would need to apply.

  • Sheath: Leather black
  • Handle: Hardwood
  • Blade Material: 1075 High Crabon Steel
  • Blade Finish: Epoxy Black Powder Coating
  • Made in: USA
  • An excellent tool
  • Balance is amazing
  • Handle is very comfortable
  • It is very durable concerning the blade and edge
  • Great blade for small saplings

13. Ontario Knife Company CT5 22″ MacheteOntario Knife Company CT5 22 Machete - Retail Package

The simple Ontario best cheap machete has an elegant look and style. It’s a real heavy-duty machete which can quickly clear tracks. It’s great for hunting and heavy-duty use. Let’s look at some more features. 

 Good Length 

The blade is 22 inches long. It makes it easy to cut branches or eve to cut open a coconut. It is long, but weight is perfectly balanced and is quite comfortable to handle.

 Sharp Blade 

The blade comes sharp right out of the box. You wont need to sharpen it even after using it for a long time. Works well even while cutting thick branches. You can use it for any purpose. 

  • Blade Material: 1075 Carbon Steel
  • Brand: Ontario
  • Overall Length: 28 inches
  • Blade: flexible
  • Tough blade
  • Good length
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Easy to use
  • You may need to sharp it once before use

14. Colombian Raptor Machete

Colombian Raptor Machete

The Colombian raptor machete is a production of united cutlery. It has got a sharp blade on one side and zig-zag on the other. It is outdoor multitool mostly used for clearing brushing or cutting woods; therefore, it has a flat top rather than a pointed one. The flat-top also ensures that nothing comes in the way while you’re swinging the machete. Let’s look at some of its more prominent features:

 Edge and Durability 

It holds an excellent edge and stays durable for a long time. Its full tang, hence it’s much more vigorous and reliable than most of the machetes. It is made from high-quality steel so you can easily cut anything without any disturbance. It has a shiny silver touch on the blade that makes it look more attractive and elegant.

 Nylon Sheath 

The Colombian machete comes along with a sturdy nylon sheath. Strong enough to hold the blade in its place and would last long in any climatic situation. It is a woody brown on the colour that would look good on you. Not just that, it protects your blade from getting damaged or have any rust.

Blade thickness: 1/8 inches
Overall length: 18 inches
Blade: Full tang
Blade Length: 11.75 inches

  • It contains a lanyard hole to provide ease to you.
  • The ergonomic, non-slip handle gives a good grip in all humidity levels
  • Carry the machete anywhere using the nylon sheath belt
  • Has a straight stainless steel blade
  • Has an additional gut hook
  • The blade is a little small in size


Best Cheap Machete Infographics


Question: What is the best kind of machete?

Answer: The best kind of machete is the one which has a strong blade with a sturdy handle which will make it easier for you to do cutting and chopping. If they have the above features, then they are the best machete for the money you pay.

Question: What steel are machetes made of?

Answer: Some of the machetes are made with carbon steel. Whereas, some of the machetes are made with stainless steel.

Question: What size machete is best?

Answer: The best size of the machete depends on the work you have to do with it. For example, if you have to heavy trailing, it is advisable to take a machete which is long so that you could get a good swing.

Question: Do you sharpen a machete?

Answer: You can easily sharpen a machete using a machete sharpener. You can also read the best machete sharpener review to know which one is the best for you.

  Question: What can a machete cut through?

Answer: Each machete available can cut through different things. Such as some machetes are for doing the heavy cutting, whereas some machetes are suitable to cut small branches.

Question: Are machetes good weapons?

Answer: Yes, but there are different machetes which you can use for self-defence.

Question: How thick should a machete be?

Answer: The thickness of most of the machetes is around 3mm. But there are machetes which have a thick blade.

 Question: How long is the average machete?

Answer: The average length of a machete from 10 to 28 inches.

Question: Can a machete cut wood?

Answer: Yes, as most of the machetes are suitable for chopping off wood, branches etc.

 Question: Is a machete a weapon or a tool?

Answer: Machetes are a tool because it is suitable for doing wood chopping activities etc.

Final Words


From the above review, we can tell that not all cheap machetes are made with low-quality material. The best cheap machetes are the one which is available at an affordable price. Moreover, made with good quality material and are durable.

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