Blade Material For Machetes (Top 3)

A machete should have a high-quality metal blade. The three common metals used in machetes are Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and High Carbon Stainless Steel. All these three are the best blade material for the machete. Besides, they also have their own pros and cons. 

Carbon Steel Blade

Carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron and is commonly used to make the blade material for a machete. The iron in it makes it harder, and the carbon in it helps to make the steel brittle. The main advantage of having a carbon steel blade is that it is hard as compared to others and will not become dull in a short time. No doubt carbon steel has a lot of advantages, but apart from that, the drawback is that carbon steel is a little bit hard to re-sharpen because of its strength. Moreover, it can also get rusted easily if not used with care.

Stainless Steel Blades

If we talk about stainless steel, it is carbon steel with an addition of nickel and chromium. It is a little bit expensive as compared to carbon steel. Additionally, nickel and chromium additives oxidize and create a protective layer over the carbon steel, which makes it rust-resistant. As it is rust-resistant, it needs less maintenance. These features make it ideal for the blade material of the machete. Stainless steel is comparatively softer and is easy to re-sharpen. Although the softness is considered as an advantage, it is also a disadvantage as there are chances that the blade would lose its edge fast.

High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades

High-carbon steel was produced by combining the best qualities of both carbon steel and stainless steel. The edge of the blade remains sharp like carbon steel and is additionally rust-resistant like stainless steel. It is both brittle like carbon steel and has the oxidation-proof construction like stainless steel. High-carbon stainless steel is the best material to use for a blade of the machete.

Final Words: 

All the three mentioned blade material is the best to make the blade of the machete. Carbon steel and stainless steel both have different properties and advantages. Whereas, High Carbon Stainless Steel is a mixture of both and is the best out of all.

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