How to Sharpen a Knife? (Knife Sharpening Techniques)

Are you fed up from the stack of dull knives in your kitchen? How to sharpen a knife in an effective and easy way? Don’t think to waste them because now you can make them as sharp as new.
As we know, dull knives are more difficult to handle because they need the pressure to cut. Besides, it can slip from your hands and hurt you as well.
But Don’t worry Now
We have all the best and practical ways to teach you the right way

How to Sharpen a knife? ( Easy Ways

We have the ultimate guide to teach you how to sharpen your knife in very simple steps.

Here we go

Technique 1: Sharpen a knife with a Stone

Sharpen a knife with a stone

Knife sharpening is actually two ways: Grinding and honing

You need to apply both methods. Grinding is the process to remove the metal from the edges of your knife. On the other hand, grinding gives the perfect shape and smoothness to your blade.

For the above purpose, sharpening stones works best. There are a variety of knife sharpening stones available in the market. We would suggest some below:

You can select any of the above sharpening stone according to your need. Check the details provided by our team. Also, go through the instructions to use them.

  How to use the sharpening stone 

  • Soak the stone in water for about 10 minutes
  • As it absorbs water, it’s ready for the sharpening process
  • Put your knife at the angle of 20 degrees
  • Start moving it backwards and forward for few times
  • Change the side and repeat the procedure.
  • Clean your knife and stone with a damp cloth
  • Store it in a dry place

 Benefits of Using a Stone 

  • It restores the sharpness of blades in one use.
  • Also makes the uneven edges smooth
  • Best for all type of machetes & knives
  • The 400/1000-grit knife stone polishes and makes it perfectly sharp to use.
  • The best thing to consider is its lightweight and convenience usage.
  • Whetstones are long-lasting and High quality
  • The anti-slip base ensures that the plate won’t slip or move, which makes sharpening process very safe and more effective.

Technique 2: Sharpen a Machete Knife with a File

Sharpen a Machete Knife with a File

If somehow stone is not available, you can easily sharpen the kukri or Gerber machetes with a file. The usage of a file is easy to understand and implement; Just follow the below guidelines.

  How to sharpen a knife with a file? 

  • Firstly, secure the handle and keep it parallel to the floor
  • Hold your knife at a shallow angle like it will be almost flat
  • Start sharpening by moving it
  • Flip and repeat the procedure
  • Clean up the foil extracted during sharpening
  • Repeat the process till you get the sharpness you want

Technique 3: Sharpen a Knife or Machete with a Whetstone

Sharpen a Knife or Machete with a Whetstone

As we have already discussed the stones, whetstones are best and powerful for sharpening. Choose the dual grit whetstone, keep it safe and dry. Lets us discuss the usage method

  How to sharpen a knife with Whetstones? 

First make all things ready to use which includes: Your dull knife, whetstone, stone holder, water and a damp cloth.

  • Soak the stone in water if it is mentioned in the instructions
  • Set the stone on the holder to avoid slipping and hurting yourself
  • Work under proper lightening to observe the movement
  • Set the angle of the knife in such a way that it looks flat, but only the edges touch the stone. ( angle around 15 to 20 degrees)
  • Now, gently start moving the blade on the stone with fingers on the opposite end.
  • You will observe the burr releasing at the edges of the knife
  • Just clean it with the damp cloth
  • Start doing it with the other side
  • Check the sharpness by cutting any paper or slice some tomatoes
  • Clean the blade and stone then store at a dry place

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Technique 4: Sharpen a knife with a Dremel

Sharpen a knife with a Dremel


You can also sharpen a knife using the best Dremel tool. Grab the tool and arrange a vise to hold it for sharpening the blade. Also, wear the goggles for the safety of your eyes, and obviously, your blunt knife will be with you.

  How to sharpen a knife with a Dremel? 

The procedure is as follows:

  • Simply put the aluminium oxide part in the vise
  • Make sure it is fixed in the vise properly
  • Now take your Dremel and keep at the angle of 10 degrees
  • Start the Dremel and move through the entire edge of the knife.
  • After finishing one side turn the knife to another side
  • Start Dremel again in the same way
  • Clean the blade, and it will be as sharp as new

Technique 5:  Sharpen with Electric Sharpener

Sharpen with Electric Sharpener

Have you heard about electric knife sharpeners? These sharpeners are now trending in the market—another easy way to sharpen your machetes or kitchen knives. Let’s check the Best Electric Sharpener features below.

  Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives 

(Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect )

Are you looking for a high-performance electric sharpener for dull machetes, then the Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is the right choice.


  • Transform your kitchen knives into razor-sharp edges
  • Suitable for both serrated or straight edges
  • Noise is quite low that is between 65 dB and 75 dB
  • Flexible spring is attached to control the angle and adjustment of sharpening
  • With On/off switch function
  • The three-stage edge select system is provided to give a polish to you blades
  • Long-lasting and efficient results
  • This best of all is that it has a 3-year warranty.
  • Measures : 10 L x 4.25 W x 4.25 H inches
  • Weight: 4.42 pounds


Technique 6: Sharpen a knife with a Steel ( Honing Rod) at home

Sharpen a knife with a Steel ( Honing Rod) at home

You must have seen the steel rods, which are used for sharpening kitchen knives. These sharpening steel rods are also called a honing rod (metal rod sold with most knife sets)

  How to sharpen a knife with Steel Rod? 

It’s quite easy to use these rods for sharpening. Choose the best quality steel rod for sharpening. Follow the steps below.

  • Firstly keep the steel rod vertical with the top towards the counter that is the inverted position.
  • Put the heel of the blade against the head of the steel and point the knife tip slightly upward.
  • Now set the angle between rod and knife approx 15-degree angle
  • With very light pressure push the blade downwards so that the edge is in contact with the rod
  • Then use the opposite side of the steel with the same strategy
  • It might take 4 to 5 strokes to make your knife razor-sharp
  • test the sharpness by cutting the piece of paper
  • Clean the edges of the blade and the steel rod with a damp cloth

Technique 7: Sharpen a Machete/ Hunting Knife with Sandpaper

Sharpen a Machete Hunting Knife with Sandpaper

Whether you have dull machetes or knives, sharpening them can be comfortable with sandpaper. You can sharpen your knife in two using sandpaper. Both of them are easy

 How to sharpen a machete with a Sandpaper? 

First method

  • Wrap the sandpaper on a hard piece of wood or block
  • Now set the knife flat on the sandpaper
  • Run smoothly forwards and backwards to make it sharp
  • Turn the sides and sharpen the edges finely.

Second method

  • Keep your sandpaper on any hard surface
  • Keep your knife at 22 degrees
  • Move across the sandpaper smoothly
  • Don’t put pressure while sharpening
  • Now put it on the angle of 90 degrees and repeat the process
  • Then set on 45 degrees and sharpen the edges gently
  • Again make 22 degrees angle and grind it
  • In this way, you will get the fine edge sharp blade

Technique 8: Sharpen a Machete With a Belt Sander

Sharpen a Machete With a Belt Sander

The best tool for sharpening dull machetes can be a belt sander.

Do you know what a belt sander is?

Belt Sander is a machine which has an electric motor and belt loop which shapes or sharpens the edges with mounted sandpapers

These belt sander or strip sander are commonly used for knife sharpening purposes which is fast and practical as well

  How to use a Belt Sander to sharpen a machete 

  • First, check the belt in your sander
  • Make sure it is fixed correctly and moveable
  • Now keep your machete just parallel to it and practice once or twice without turning on the sander
  • You have to very very careful when you turn on the sander
  • Don’t forget to wear your goggles.
  • Now start the sander and slowly sharpen the edges starting from the tip to the whole blade
  • Maintain the angle at 20 to 25 degrees
  • Also, observe the temperature of your knife, if it starts turning hot, stop it right there
  • Take a few seconds break and start again
  • In this machetes and knives could turn as good as new

Technique 9: Sharpen a Machete with a Bench Grinder

Sharpen a Machete with a Bench Grinder

The blunt garden machetes and knives at home put you in great hard work. You will be applying more and more pressure on your hands and dull results.

This technique to sharpening a machete with a bench grinder is just ideal for implementing at home.

Do you know what bench grinder is?

A bench grinder is a grinding machine with wheels at the side for sharpening edges finely. Let us explain how to use it:

  How to sharpen a machete with a bench grinder 

Follow the steps below.

  • Wear your safety gloves and goggles
  • Make sure your workspace is clear
  • Put the grinder on the countertop
  • As there are two wheels, put the safety cover on the wheel which you are not using.
  • When putting on the switch, wheels will immediately get moving
  • Once it’s up and running, you are ready to start
  • Clean the machete thoroughly with a cloth or a brush
  • Observe the dull blade edges where you need to sharpen
  • Angle the machete to the buffing wheel so that the machete edges are ground well
  • Now move the machete edge from the tip and carry it to the whole edge
  • Now flip the machete and grind it to the opposite direction in steady motion
  • Sharpen it until you get the desired edge and sharpness

Technique 10: Sharpen a Machete with a Puck

Sharpen a Machete with a Puck

This techniques of using a puck are not so frequent, but you can use it to sharpen your knives. It will give the same sharpness you want. Let us tell you what a puck is?

Puck is a black disk made of hard rubber, because of its edges, it can be used as a sharpener to your knife.

  How to sharpen a machete with a puck? 

Undoubtedly, Puck is excellent for sharpening lawnmower blades, machetes, hatchets, axes, shovels and other cutting tools. It is double-sided with a coarse side to give quick sharpening.

Let’s go through the guidelines below:

  • First, grip the Puck firmly or lock it in a vise to limit slip overs
  • Then apply oil to the sides of Puck which you are using to sharpen your knife
  • Grab the Puck between your thumb and fingers, supporting it by your palm
  • Now take your clean knife and set at an acute angle to the Puck
  • Now start moving the Puck ina circular motion
  • Keep the knife steady with the edge on the surface of your tool
  • Maintain the consistency of your knife angle
  • For best results, work on one whole side than the other.
  • For the very blunt knives use the coarse grit side than the medium grit for perfect and razor-sharp Knives.

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Some unique sharpening techniques using your regular household items are described in the video below



Final Thoughts

Now you have been through all the best techniques of knife sharpening at your home comfort. All methods are explained after in-depth research by our team of From electric sharpeners, Whetstones, sandpaper tricks to file and Dremel tips. Try this and do let us know about your experience in comments below. Keep visiting us for more techniques. Thank you for reading.

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